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eCommerce website for Steadfast Records

Case Study

Steadfast Records

Steadfast Records, an independent record label and online record store with a dedication to promoting emerging artists, needed a website overhaul. The previous site had grown unruly, difficult to navigate, and did not effectively showcase the label's vibrant personality and diverse catalog. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website that would serve as a hub for music lovers, providing easy access to artist information, and a seamless shopping experience.

  • eCommerce Website

  • Brand Refresh

  • Brand Collateral

  • E-mail Campaigns

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Offline Marketing

Images pulled while doing research for Steadfadst Records new website

Freeform research for Steadfast Records

Research & Planning

The project began with an in-depth analysis of Steadfast Records target audience and an audit of peer websites. Key insights included:


Spanned a range of ages, all passionate about independent music, and who listen to or collect vinyl records



Other indie labels and curated record stores with strong online presences, such as Sub Pop and Matador Records for labels, and RevHQ and Deathwish stores

Based on these insights, I established the following design principles to guide the rest of the project:

Simplicity and Clarity

Easy navigation and clear pathways to content and products 

Visual Appeal

Aesthetically pleasing design that aligns with the brand's identity 

Responsive Design

Optimized for both desktop and mobile devices 


Features to engage visitors, such as social media integration and multimedia content

Project Goals

Enhance User Experience
Improve navigation, discoverability and checkout
eCommerce Integration
Simplify the process of finding and purchasing music and merchandise
SEO Optimization
Increase organic traffic and online visibility

Modern Design
Reflect the label's dynamic and eclectic brand
Content Management System
Implement a user-friendly CMS for easy updates

Product page for steadfast records
Recommended items module for Steadfast Records
In-cart free shipping countdown

Steadfast Records product page, recommended items and in-cart free shipping countdown


eCommerce Integration

I integrated Shopify to handle the e-commerce functionalities. This included leaning on Shopify's blogging software to power the CMS portion of the site, as well as creating categories and product pages for music and merchandise, a secure checkout process, inventory management, a cool free shipping countdown tool, and post-sale upsell functionality. I found a fully responsive theme that met my needs and began customizing layouts to match the wireframes, and finally skinning with the new color and typography selections.

Product Migration & Category Setup
Hundreds of products needed to be exported out of Steadfast Records existing platform, and mapped and migrated over to Shopify.
SEO Optimization
SEO best practices were implemented throughout the development process.


This included:

  • Keyword research and integration

  • Optimizing images and multimedia

  • Creating SEO-friendly URLs

  • Ensuring fast page load times

Brand Identity for Steadfast Records
Typography style guide for Steadfast Records
Color style guide for Steadfast Records

Brand identity assets for Steadfast Records


Wireframing and Prototyping

I began by creating wireframes to map out the site's structure and functionality.


Key pages included:

  • Home

  • Artists

  • Releases

  • Store

  • Blog

  • Contact

Visual Design

The visual design phase focused on creating a modern, cohesive look. I created a bold color palette, large images, and dynamic typography to reflect the label's energetic spirit. Custom graphics and artist photos were incorporated to give the site a unique, authentic feel.


The Steadfast Records website redesign project successfully met all objectives, creating a modern, user-friendly platform that effectively showcases the label's artists and offerings. The new site not only enhances the user experience but also supports the label's mission to promote and support independent music.

By focusing on user experience, visual appeal, and functionality, the project demonstrates the power of effective web design in transforming a digital presence and driving business success.


The new Steadfast Records website launched successfully and received positive feedback from users. Key outcomes included:


Increased AOV

A remarkable jump in average order value since launch of the new site


Increased Traffic

A significant boost in organic search traffic due to improved SEO

Enhanced User Engagement
Increased time on site and lower bounce rates
Higher Conversion Rates
Simplified e-commerce process led to more purchases from first time visitors, and more return buyers

Positive Feedback
Users praised the site's design and ease of navigation

Testing & Launch

Before launch, the site underwent rigorous testing to ensure functionality across all devices and browsers. I conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback and made necessary adjustments based on those insights.

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