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Case Study

Bites Cafe

Bites Cafe, originally known for its delicious lunch fare, recently moved to a new location and pivoted to a coffee shop format, adding breakfast items and boba tea to their menu. To support this transition and enhance their customer experience, they needed a new website that emphasized online ordering. The challenge was to move their existing site from Weebly to a new platform integrated with their Toast POS system. The goal was to create a seamless, user-friendly online ordering experience to boost their digital presence and sales.

  • eCommerce Website

  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Collateral

Homepage for Bites Cafe's eCommerce website
Reference screeshots collected during research for Bites Cafe

Freeform research for Bites Cafe

Research & Planning

The project began with a comprehensive analysis of Bites Cafe’s target audience and competitors

Target Audience
Downtown Cleveland residents and tourists, coffee enthusiasts, breakfast lovers, and boba tea aficionados. Customers span a wide range, with a lean toward young professionals, traveling families, and students

Local coffee shops and boba tea cafes with strong online ordering systems and vibrant digital presences

Key design principles established from this research included:

Simplicity and Functionality
Ensure the online ordering process is quick and easy

Visual Appeal
Create an inviting and modern design that reflects the cafe's new brand.

Mobile-First Design
Optimize for mobile users, as many customers would be placing orders on-the-go

Project Goals

Platform Transition
Migrate the website from Weebly Toast and integrate with Toast POS

Enhanced User Experience
Design a website focused on easy navigation and a streamlined online ordering process


Brand Refresh
Update the site’s aesthetics to reflect the new coffee shop concept, custom artwork and expanded menu

Mobile Optimization

Ensure the new website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly

SEO Optimization

Improve search engine visibility to attract local customers and tourists alike

Bagel menu for Bites Cafe
Print coffee menu for Bites Cafe
Interior hanging ice cream sign for Bites Cafe

Print menu's and hanging ice cream flavors sign for Bites Cafe


Mobile Optimization
The website was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that all features worked flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. This included:

Responsive Design
Ensuring all elements adjust smoothly to different screen sizes

Mobile-Friendly Ordering
Simplified the online ordering process for mobile users

SEO Optimization

To increase local visibility, the website was optimized for search engines. This included:


Local SEO

Targeting keywords relevant to the new offerings and location


Optimized Content

Using SEO best practices in content creation and meta descriptions

Bites Cafe online menu section from their eCommerce site
Hours and location moduce for Bites Cafe's eCommerce website
Item order with customization from Bites Cafe's eCommerce website

Menu, location block and item order with customization

Design & Development

Website Transition and Integration
The first step was to transition the website from Weebly into their new Toast POS system. This integration was crucial for seamless online ordering and efficient management of orders.

User-Centered Design
The new design focused on enhancing the user experience. Key features included:

Intuitive Navigation
A clean, easy-to-use menu structure that allows customers to quickly find and order their favorite items

Prominent Online Ordering
Clear calls-to-action directing users to the online ordering system

Updated Visuals
High-quality images of menu items, reflecting the fresh and inviting atmosphere of the new cafe


The collaboration with Bites Cafe achieved all project goals, creating a modern, efficient, and visually appealing website that supports their new business direction. The successful transition to a Toast POS-integrated site not only enhanced the customer experience but also drove significant growth in online orders.


The new Bites Cafe website launched successfully, yielding impressive results:

Increased Online Orders

The user-friendly design and integrated Toast POS system led to a significant increase in online orders

Enhanced User Experience

Customers appreciated the easy navigation and streamlined ordering process, resulting in positive feedback​

Improved Mobile Engagement

Mobile traffic and engagement increased due to the mobile-first design

Higher Search Rankings

Local SEO efforts led to better visibility in search engine results, attracting more local customers

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