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Case Study

AuRush Mobile App

Designing the AuRush gold purchasing app

AuRush sought to create an innovative app allowing users to seamlessly purchase gold in any amount directly from their devices. With some back-end systems already in place, they needed comprehensive UI design, user flows, and additional functionalities to bring their concept to life.

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

Different screen states for the AuRush mobile app
Images of other gold sellers and investment sites referenced during research for AuRush mobile app

Freeform research for AuRush App

Research & Planning

Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Conducted extensive research to understand the current market and identify best practices in the digital gold purchasing space

  • Analyzed competitor apps to gather insights on user expectations, popular features, and design trends


Outlining Core Functionality

  • Defined the essential features and functionalities needed for the AuRush app

  • Prioritized elements based on user needs and business goals, ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience.

  • Introduced a feature allowing users to choose between one-time purchases and setting up recurring purchases at their preferred intervals.​


  • Created detailed wireframes to visually represent the app’s structure and layout

  • Focused on key screens such as the home page, gold purchasing interface, transaction history, and user profile

User Flow Illustrations

  • Mapped out comprehensive user flows to illustrate how users would navigate through the app

  • Ensured that each step of the user journey was intuitive and logically connected, from account creation to purchasing and managing gold

Project Overview


To develop a user-friendly interface and comprehensive user flows for a new app concept allowing users to purchase gold directly from their devices in any amount.


AuRush had a groundbreaking concept for an app that would allow users to buy gold in various quantities seamlessly. While they had some backend systems in place, they lacked a functional and appealing user interface and needed a clear, intuitive user flow to transform their concept into a practical and engaging product.


To achieve this, I undertook a systematic approach involving research, outlining core functionalities, creating wireframes, illustrating user flows, and developing a design system and core UI screens.

Primary dark green and aux orange color shades for AuRush mobile app
A view of the buttons in the design system for AuRush mobile app
Button specs from the AuRush mobile app design system

Design system assets for the AuRush mobile app

Design & Development

Design System Development

Built a cohesive design system to maintain consistency across all UI elements.


Defined color schemes, typography, iconography, and interactive components to create a visually appealing and brand-aligned interface.

Core UI Screens Design
Designed the main UI screens based on the wireframes and design system


Focused on creating a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface that would enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Hand Off to Development Team

Compiled all design assets, including wireframes, user flows, and UI screens, into a comprehensive design package

Collaborated with AuRush’s internal development team to ensure a smooth hand off and provide support during the implementation phase

flow of screens illustrating a one-time buy
UI for making a recurring buy
Confirmation screen for a recurring buy and a prompt to pay

One-time buy flow and recurring buy UI


By leveraging thorough research and a structured design process, I was able to transform AuRush’s innovative concept into a functional and engaging product. The successful handoff to their development team ensured the app was brought to life with precision.


The final design provided AuRush with a robust and user-centric interface that not only met their initial requirements but also enhanced the overall user experience. The clear user flows and cohesive design system facilitated an efficient development process.

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